Implement OKR

Making OKR work for you

OK, so you’ve mastered the basics and now want to ensure OKR implementation in your company runs smoothly, and your ambitious business goals are more than just a wish-list.

Through regular on-site and remote coaching, we’ll review your company objectives with you. Ensuring there is clarity and logic in the alignment and also help you avoid overreaching and overcomplicating the first steps when introducing OKRs in your company. Like many you might encounter resistance to stretch goals, we’ll help you address these and our experienced OKR coaches and will provide hands-on OKR advice and guidance through this critically important phase. We’ll review your moon-shot goals, advise on the weekly/monthly and annual cadence that successful OKR introductions can help deliver. Along with the positive impact on a company culture that line of sight and clarity delivers in your business.

Once again, our Implement OKR section features three headings. First would be a longer-term coaching package (typically 3-6 months) working with one or more of our OKR mentors. We can also offer full consultancy services for any areas of your business that may need particular help or benefit from expertise with the OKR programme. Finally, all our clients can log in to our Engagement Resources which include proven models plus the methodology and software we use to ease communication and file storage providing safe and secure access for client and coach.

Click the link that matches your needs, and we’ll be in touch to help with your OKRs

OKR Coaching project

A typical 3-6 month OKR coaching and consulting package

Bespoke OKR Training

Follow up training for clients needing help to action the recommendations in the OKR health check report

Reboot Your OKRs

Aimed at businesses who have struggled to embed OKRs into their strategic execution

Engagement Resources

The resources that our clients access during our engagement and beyond…

Auxin consultancy

Projects which are completely bespoke to the need