OKR Coaching Project

A typical 3-6 month OKR coaching and consulting package

The successful implementation of an OKR project follows our unique seven-step approach, over three distinct stages: Plan, Execute and Embed.


Strategy Exchange: A sharing of the company’s Mission Vision and Strategy.  This is designed to determine the strategy’s readiness for execution and the company’s preparedness for OKRs through discussion with the senior management team.  This is conducted with two Auxin OKR coaches to derive the maximum benefit from this fundamental step on which so much is based.


Strategy Review: Where needed we can conduct an objective review of the company’s business strategy including using AuxinOKR’s unique business asset review model.

Strategy Development: If and where necessary we will help the company construct an appropriate strategy or recommend improvements to the plan in place.


Team Review: Using online assessment tools we assess team dynamics taking a litmus test of their understanding of future planning, leadership,talent management and company culture.

Team Development: Where required we can facilitate appropriate remedial training.

OKR Introduction: A preparatory workshop with the senior management team to draft likely moon-shot (annual) objectives and key results and Q1 OKRs at company level.

We will introduce CFRs: conversations, feedback and recognition, an essential part of the OKR process. We will ensure the precise definitions of objectives, key results, efforts and tasks are fully appreciated. We will explore the difference between strong and weak key results, including leading and lagging indicators.

At the conclusion of this first stage Auxin coaches will prepare a summary document with recommendations for the appropriate implementation steps.


Initial OKR implementation: This workshop will help the management team pilot OKRs for Q1 introduction at company and departmental level.

Rollout workshops: This will prepare for and help with the delivery of OKR workshops across the business.


On site and remote support: through weekly teleconferencing and ongoing support via a dedicated Slack channel. Provide the necessary assistance with goal setting for Q2.

Review and planning: of the full implementation across the company from Q3 onwards.

OKR Master training: To ensure that the company has a fully trained OKR Master on-site from within the current staff to provide the necessary expertise post Auxin engagement.


Engagement Resources:

This area provides access to supporting materials and implementation tools and is available only to clients that have engaged with us.


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