Learn OKR

So, what are OKRs and how can they help your business?

We’ve come across many companies who struggle with OKRs when they first get going; something like diving headlong into a river without first learning how to swim, they haven’t properly mastered the technique or even understood the basics before leaving dry land. Auxin practitioners will explain how OKRs can help establish a line of sight to align everyone’s goals with those of the company, reviewing the implementation of your strategy at a comfortable cadence that suits your needs. You may not be masters when you set off, but you’ll have a good understanding, and we’ll share some common mistakes to help ensure you avoid the obvious. Believe us once you’ve got the basics right, great teamwork, a unified focus and a clear line of sight will ensure your business strategy reaches the ambitious goals you’ve set.

Our “Learn OKR” sessions are structured around three levels; for those just setting out we have designed an Introduction to OKRs day. Next is a valuable OKR Health Check for those who’ve made a start but may be struggling to gain momentum, and finally for those who are underway but know things could be better, we can provide a bespoke OKR service both on-site and through remote coaching, designed to meet your own unique needs.

Click the link that matches your needs, and we’ll be in touch to help with your OKRs:

Objectives and Key Results

Turn business strategy into measurable goals with OKR – find out more.

Introduction to OKRs

Aimed at businesses who are new to the OKR goal setting framework

Self Learning

To help provide an understanding of OKRs and other relevant subjects, we have compiled relevant books and learning resources

OKR Workshop

Learn how to design and launch your own OKR framework