Introduction to OKRs

Aimed at businesses who are new to the OKR framework

A one-day overview to help a senior management team understand more about how OKRs work and the type of business strategy challenges that can be overcome. Includes a practical OKR setting session to offer insights into setting objectives and deciding on the ‘as measured by’ key results that are needed to monitor progress.

This session will cover the overviews of the critical ‘superpowers’ to be mastered:

  •  #1 – Focus and Commit to Priorities
  •  #2 – Align and Connect for Teamwork
  •  #3 – Track for Accountability
  •  #4 – Stretch for Amazing
(Taken from MEASURE WHAT MATTERS by John Doerr. Copyright © 2018)

OKRs don’t make strategy easy. OKRs just make sure it happens.


These sessions are chargeable.  Getting you on the right road with a methodology that has achieved so much for so many,  could be the best investment you’ve made.

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