Objectives and Key Results

Turn business strategy into measurable goals with OKR

Objectives and Key Results.  OKR is a goal system used by many large, fast moving organisations and smaller but similarly ambitious companies.  It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around the achievement of goals.  The framework is used by many top-achieving companies to attain exceptional success.  It is a management framework designed to ensure organisations share clarity of their objectives with those responsible for achieving desired outcomes. The objective is usually a qualitative aspirational goal, key results being measurable outcomes themselves supported by tasks in a clear line of sight.

The approach is used to turn business strategy into measurable goals and focus employees, teams and the entire organisation on the work that delivers the greatest business impact.  It is a method of seeing how everyone in the organisation is contributing to company success and ensure everyone is working together towards the same ultimate goal.  This helps to build a culture of transparency and shared achievement and by allowing everyone to see each other’s contributions towards your organisation’s success.

Users of the system will set a regular cadence of review sessions to measure progress, renew objectives and through this help ensure goals are achieved. Based on the widely used earlier management tool Management by Objectives, OKRs have grown in acceptance as a valuable method of strategy delivery. Now famously exemplified by John Doerr’s introduction of OKR as in early investor at Google (and before that with Intel by Andy Grove, a founder of the semiconductor giant). Facilitated now by a number of innovative software tracking applications OKRs are fast becoming a vital tool for businesses seeking to scale while managing their growth and keeping all on message.

While simple in principle, successful execution isn’t quite as easy as many think.  There are some key steps which are critical prior to introduction.

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