Driving daring and innovation in the public sector

CivTech® brings together public-sector expertise and private sector creativity to solve real problems, develop new products, and deliver better, faster and easier services for everyone.  Part of the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate, CivTech’s approach is already helping transform public sector engagement with tech and innovation.  Delivering significant benefits to public services, and producing genuine uplifts for the Scottish economy. And along the way, it’s making everyone’s lives better.

If you’re an ambitious and innovative individual, team or company, CivTech is a real opportunity

Across the country, there are problems public sector organisations would like solved. With budgets under pressure and increasing demand, the need for smart, efficient and effective products is ever greater. And the public sector is increasingly aware that innovation is a good way to create them. The Scottish Government is also committed to ensuring that a large part of its tech spend goes to smaller, innovative businesses. This is where CivTech comes in.

The CivTech Innovation Flow is designed to create solutions to public sector problems as quickly and effectively as possible. For you – whether you’re an individual, team or company – it’s an opportunity to take a Challenge, solve it, and win contracts with a blue-chip public sector organisation. You’ll build a product, and a business to take it as far as possible. Because here’s the kicker: the Challenges we issue aren’t ‘single organisation’ problems – most exist worldwide.

There’s a longer explanation of the Innovation Flow below but in short…

Open Challenges are set. Any organisation, team or individual can respond to them. Applications are assessed, and shortlisted proposals go into an Exploration Stage where they’re developed further. The best go through to the Accelerator – four months of intensive work to create the solution. And through CivTech’s unique business workshop system, a business capable of taking the emerging product to the world is created.

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Auxin have delivered support to all of the cohorts to date.

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