Digital Scaleup Programme

Generator’s 12-month Digital Scale Up programme has been designed to help ambitious digital and creative businesses take that next step and achieve full growth potential

If successful in your application, you will be provided with a diagnostic to form a solid understanding of your business, so we can deliver objective assistance. This is delivered in the form of interim support from highly experienced specialists – people who have been through the loop, ex-business leaders with broad experience and the ability to share it effectively. Areas of support may include finance, sales, marketing or investment and will be complemented by access to a sector-specific mentor bank providing additional support.

Over the 12-month period, we will determine your status, and how you can develop toward realistic longer-term goals, providing clarity over the key stages involved. We will determine a clear plan with you and your leadership, that will be shared throughout the business so that everyone has a clear vision of the future and their part in the success.

We guarantee delivery of the tools, strategies and processes that are the backbone to success, and to develop your ability to move your business to the next level, but only you can make it happen. You must be able to commit the time and resources over the 12-month programme to guarantee success.

We’ve worked with many creative, digital, and tech businesses that have already scaled between 200% and 300% within two years of coming to us, so we know this works.  We have delivered every cohort of their Digital Scale Up Programme.

In order to qualify you must:

  • Be post-start-up phase
  • Have a working product/service
  • Have paying customers
  • Have at least six employees
  • Have serious growth ambitions

To see if your business meets the conditions and you successfully qualify for the Digital Scale Up programme, please apply here.

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To get additional specific support while involved with the programme, you can book time with one of our associates here.  Sessions are one-and-a-half hour duration and are charged at 25% reduction from our normal rate:

Book a Chargeable Coaching Session